Maine’s Teacher of the Year: Brittany Ray ’93

October 19, 2006

Maine Governor John Baldacci went to Narragaugus High School in Harrington last Friday to present Brittany Ray ’93 with the 2006 Maine Teacher of the Year award.

Ms. Ray is a graduate of Colby College and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Education Program to obtain a Master’s in Counselor Education at the University of Maine. She has taught English at Narraguagus High School since 1995.

“I would like to thank Ms. Ray for doing her job so well and with such passion,” said the Governor.

Read more on the State of Maine Web site: Government: News

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Colby Starts Podcasting

October 12, 2006

Colby has started podcasting from high atop Mayflower Hill. Currently there are three podcasts available, but that number will surely grow.

The first podcast to launch was InsideColby [RSS | iTunes], a student persepctive of life on campus. This bi-weekly (for the most part) show released its fifth episode today, with a feature story about the woodsmen’s team produced by Rose Long ’10, and a short story written and read by Shelley Payne ’09.

Additionally, the Goldfarb Center has begun making audio of some of its lectures available through the Goldfarb Center Lecture Series [RSS | iTunes] podcast, and president Adams is making his speeches available through his The President at the Podium [RSS | iTunes] podcast feed.

More: Colby Blog and Podcast Directory

Not the Cheese in the press (sort of)

October 12, 2006

Dennis McCann of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently wrote a travel piece about driving Highway 13 in Wisconsin and somehow it landed him here at Not the Cheese. You see, it has to do with the history of Colby College, the town of Colby Wisconsin, the invention of Colby cheese, and high school mascots.

I won’t spoil the surprise of how it all comes together to land him at this blog. For that you can go read McCann’s article, “Stories that stretch as long as Highway 13.”

Catch her in Kissehman: Erin Rhoda ’06 blogs from Ghana

October 12, 2006

“Erin Rhoda graduated from Colby in May and is now co-running a youth program in Kissehman, Ghana through a nonprofit called the Maine-Ghana Youth Network. Read about her adventures with tro-tros, lots of children, learning the language Ewe and working in a building that has no ceiling or floor.”

Via: Maine Coast NOW