Lena Barouh ’07 knows how to spell “erubescent”

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a trend of rejuvenilization (don’t bother looking it up—it’s not a word) has hit the Seattle, Wash. area. With everything from kickball leagues, Scrabble tournaments, and flag football, adults are spending their leisure time trying to recapture their childhoods. The first Monday of every month brings a spelling bee to Seattle watering hole Rebar.

“It’s kind of post-juvenile,” said Josh Malamy, co-host of the monthly spelling bee that drew more than 100 people last Monday night. “Some people do this because they have a history of this. Some people do it as if to right past wrongs, to make up for the kid who didn’t make it to No. 1. Other people are doing it to meet people and socialize.”

Colby senior Lena Barouh, former middle school spelling bee champion, came in second in the August bee. The word that did her in? “Alectryomancy.”

“It’s the only spelling bee I could ever conceive of where saying, ‘Yeah!’ and showing metal devil horns would have been OK and I wouldn’t have gotten thrown off stage,” said Barouh.

Read the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article: Re-bar toasts those who are spellbound by childhood memories


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