An Interview with Oklahoma State Senate Candidate Andrew Rice ’96

The Yellin Report, a daily political ‘zine, is doing a series of interviews with young political candidates, and the first in the series is with Andrew Rice ’96, a democratic candidate for the Oklahoma State Senate.

In response to a question about where and when he got involved in politics, Rice responded, “I first became in involved in politics through activism in college. I was very active in a group that was concerned with financial aid issues at our college, which was Colby College in Maine.” Rice goes on to say, “I was in college during the Clinton years, so there was some apathy that came with the prosperity and peace time.”

“My decision to run [for office] was very personal. I left grad school and made a documentary and moved to New York to work on documentaries. My sister Amy already lived there, and about a year after I moved there my older brother David moved there from Chicago. David was transferred there by his investment firm and they had an office in the World Trade Center. He was killed on Sept. 11th, he worked in the North Tower.”

Read the Colby magazine article about Andrew Rice’s post 9/11 experience: From the Ashes
Read the complete The Yellin Report interview: Interviews With Young Candidates – Andrew Rice, Oklahoma


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