Monitoring Terrorists and College Students

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education  about the Department of Defense reading email messages from activist students prompted Sean Blanda, over at the College v2 blog, to chime in.

What’s more important [than the fact that this is done] is: who gave them these records?  What was the content of these emails? This goes beyond any political philosophy you may be a part of – this is an issue of privacy for students.

Read Sean’s complete post: NSA Spying on college students and what you can do about it


One Response to Monitoring Terrorists and College Students

  1. […] Sean Blanda, of the College V2 blog, has posted a follow-up to his post about the government monitoring of college student emails (which I wrote about here). He has attained a copy of the Department of Defense report on the contents of college students’ emails. It is, at the same time, an entertaining and frustrating read. “The e-mails are trivial, with not the hint of any violent action. The most dramatic action any student e-mail mentioned was a ‘food not bombs’ demonstration complete with a drum circle.” […]

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