Colleges Keeping Track of Students

Geek News Central has an item about colleges that are dropping in-dorm landline phones in favor of mobile phones for each student. The catch? The colleges will use the phones to track students’ whereabouts, in case of an emergency. This raises some interesting questions about privacy. Where does the school’s responsibility to keep students safe stop, and the students’ right to privacy begin?

“As a parent, I would want to see the fine print on those agreements. Most students entering college are adults, and by law they are now responsible for their own actions yet these school are claiming they are doing this for safety reasons. I can see both sides of the fence on this one, but isn’t college generally a place that allows these young adults to test their maturity level and decision making process while at the same time hoping they get a education.”

Read the item: Off to college you go with a Mobile that Tracks you!


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