The Colby Eight in the Blogosphere

The These Records are BenT blog, a blog about “the weird and wonderful vinyl from my collection of thrift-store goodness,” has a glowing review of “The Colby Eight–1959–Have a Ball.”

“This has to be the most professional sounding group of amateurs I’ve ever encountered. Their harmonies are firmly rooted in barbershop, but they go so much beyond that in their stylings, humor and avant garde arrangements.”

The author also made the album available as a download (although the process for downloading them seems overly complex). Each song is encoded as an MP3 file that can be played right on your computer or downloaded to your digital music player. The pops and crackles from the original vinyl present in the recording add a bit of nostalgic flare for those of us old enough to remember the phonograph.

Read the item: The Colby Eight -1959- Have A Ball [via These Records are BenT]


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